Crown Royal's Follow Me ROMX

Scout is our beautiful playful foundation bitch, bred and co-owned with our dear friend Ingrid Linerud of Crown Royal Akitas.  Scout is what we believe an Akita should represent both physically but phenotypically with her exquisite head type, substance, bone, structure and movement but most of all her fun, silly and sweet temperament.

Scout is pointed towards her AKC championship and has taken Breed over specials from the classes.  Although she is now retired from the show ring Scout is a proven producer with several (8-AKC/3-CKC) Champions and Multiple Group Placer's.  Scout received her ROM with her son "Price" and daughter "Markie" finishing their championship on the same day!  We have no doubts that she will receive her ROMX with several other pointed & major pointed kids! We cannot thank Ingrid enough for giving us such a true ambassador to this Akita breed and being our Foundation Bitch!

Scout was awarded Best Brood Bitch at the 2003 PSAC Regional Specialty -see below pictured with her daughter's Sonoma and Cadet.   Many of Scout's kids are Multiple Best of Breed winners from both the puppy and regular classes and Group Placers including Award of Merits!  She has several Multiple Best Puppy In Specialty Show winners as well as, Multiple Best Puppy In Sweepstakes winners.  Along with these accomplishments these kids have wonderful temperaments and great ambassador's to the breed itself.  We look forward to the future of Scout's Get. both in and out of the show rings.

Along with her Champions listed below here are some kids that are either pointed
and/or major pointed towards their AKC & CKC Championship!
- MaJer's Just B'Cuz (Savvy)
- MaJer's Defiant Dame (major pointed and Best of Breed winner)
- Can. CH. MaJer's Dark Crystal
- MaJer's Maybe She's Born With It
(major pointed & ACA BOS Futurity winner)


Pictured here below Scout was award 3rd in Brood Bitch at the 2005 Akita Club of America
under judge Mrs. Michelle Billings.  Pictured: Scout - Passion - Chief
Thank you Suzanne of Dayami Akitas for this beautiful photo and memory!

One of Scout's greatest accomplishments has been that of a great contributor to the breed as consistent producer.
With very selective breedings Scout has earned her Register Of Merit (ROM)! Several of her Get. are Specialty Award of Merit winners,  Multiple Best In Sweepstakes and Multiple Best Puppy In Show winners along with Multiple Group placers and Multi. Best of Breed winners.

CH. MaJer's Pick Me Up
Owned by: Clay & Cathy Sunada
Bred/Owned by: Madelyn Goss & Ingrid Linerud
CH. MaJer's Head Honcho AOM
Bred/Owned/Handled by: Madelyn Goss & Ingrid Linerud, Tiffany Doty, Kirsten Whitcomb
Am/Can. CH. MaJer's Scouts Honor AOM
Bred/Owned/Handled by: Madelyn Goss
Owned by: Tiffany Doty
CH. MaJer's Non-Negotiable AOM
Bred/Owned/Handled by: Madelyn Goss & Ingrid Linerud
CH. MaJer's Get Your Own Rigg AOM
Bred/Owned/Handled by: Madelyn Goss
CH. Crown Royal's MaJer Mark AOM
Bred/Owned/Handled by: Ingrid Linerud & Madelyn Goss
CH. MaJer's Lead'N The Way
Bred/Owned/Handled by: Madelyn Goss & Ingrid Linerud
Owned by: Tiffany Doty
CH. MaJer's How Sweet It Is
Bred/Owned/Handled by: Madelyn Goss & Ingrid Linerud
Owned/Loved/Handled by: Stacey Borrmann
CH. Crown Royal's MaJer Noji For The Road
Bred/Owned by: Madelyn Goss & Ingrid Linerud
Owned by: Betty Bauman & Sherri Davidson
CH. MaJer's Racing Stripes
Bred/Owned/Handled by: Madelyn Goss


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Owners: Madelyn Goss & Ingrid Linerud
Breeder: Ingrid Linerud ~ Crown Royal Akitas
Katie Asling - Hoka-Hey Akitas
DOB: September 13th, 1998
OFA: AK-11091G31F-NOPI
Cerf: AK-3479

This 5-Generation Pedigree has been provided for your convenience.
If you would like more information regarding this pedigree please Email me.





CH. Samkita's The One That Counts

CH. Noji's The Count Of Crown Royal CH. Mike Truax's Royal Tikara Pal CH Kim-Sai's Royal Jikara Kuma
Smith Princess Neisha
CH. Daijobu's Vampierella O'BJ CH O'BJ Bigson Of Sachmo
CH Maxwells Kuro Ban Kuma
Subo's Hoshii Ni Iki-Nokoru CH O'BJ High N Mighty No Goshen CH The Real McCoy O'BJ
CH The Same Dame O'BJ
Goshen's Kola Pearl O'Subo CD CH Goshen's Top Brass
Youtoos Big Busters Babydoll

CH. Hoka-Hey's Siren At Crown Royal

CH. Brook Staten Koshare Hoka Hey GR.River's Marcopolo BR Staten CH Brook-Staten's Maxwell Smart
CH Gr River's Delta Of Snowcrest
Brook-Staten Misha CH Brook-Staten Deja Vu
Frakari's Tetsu Hito Prima
CH. Hoka-Hey's Eagle When She Flies CH. Bighorns Last Raygin Bull CH Kelly's Ray Gin Bull Of Frerose, CD
CH Bighorns Kita Suru
CH. O'BJ GR River Match-Maker CH The Widow-Maker O'BJ
CH Gr River's Sunshine On My Mind

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