CH. MaJer's Head Honcho AOM

Chief son of Scout & Cowboy and the newest addition to the Doty, MaJer and Crown Royal family.  Chief has the bone, coat rear and front that both Scout and Cowboy have been producing! Needless to say he has a head piece to die for that already fits the Akita Breed Standard!

Pictured here Chief attended the 2005 Akita Club of America, he was beautifully presented by Dan Overstreet of American Akitas and received an Award of Merit by respected judge Mrs. Michelle Billings!  This photo was taken by Suzanne of Dayami Akitas... thank you Suzanne and thank you Dan for presenting our young son!

Chief debut's at his first show was awarded Winners Dog for his first AKC points just turning six months old that day of the show under the very respected judge Mrs. Judy Doniere.  Chief then makes his debut at Canada's largest dog show, he was awarded WD/BOW for his first 4-points being a supported entry at the Akita Action Specialty under Mrs. Jean Fournier.  

Chief finishes his Championship going Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 5-point major at the RMAC Regional Specialty under Mrs. Donna Buxton to finish his AKC Championship!  5 major wins four of them were Back-to-Back!  Watch for this boy as he matures!  In the meantime he we will work on finishing his Canadian Championship.


Chief pictured at 7-months. Chief_CDAmajor.jpg (110247 bytes) RMACOpenDogs_image5.jpg (51027 bytes)

RMACWD_image2.jpg (62749 bytes)

WD/BOW  WD/BOW -Major Win WD/BOW -RMAC Specialty WD/BOW -RMAC Specialty


Owners: The Doty Family
Co-Owners: Madelyn Goss ~ MaJer Akitas
Ingrid Linerud ~ Crown Royal Akitas
Kirsten Whitcomb
Breeders: Madelyn Goss ~ MaJer Akitas
Ingrid Linerud ~ Crown Royal Akitas
DOB: March 11th, 2004
Cerf: Clear - Current 8/04
OFA: Good
Elbows: Normal

This 5-Generation Pedigree has been provided for your convenience.
If you would like more information regarding this pedigree please Email me.





CH. Crown Royal's See'N Stars ROMX CH. Crown Royal's Get Off My Cloud ROMXP CH. Crown Royal's Count Basie ROMPX CH. Noji's the Count Crown Royal
CH. Crown Royal's Akai O Kashi
CH. Noji's Ivy Of Crown Royal ROMPX CH. O'BJ King's Ransom ROM
CH. Daijobu's Vampirella O'BJ
CH. Top Gun's USS Miss Kitty Hawk CH Ninjitsu's Desert Storm'N Norm'N CH. Noji's the Count Crown Royal
CH. Sashimos Taisho Oja Ninja, ROM
Aisura Inu Daiichi No Kuchi

CH. Taishi Koi No Nichi Taiyo

Sashimo No Aijo
Crown Royal's Follow Me ROM CH. Samkita's The One That Counts CH. Noji's The Count of Crown Royal ROMPX CH. Mike Truax's Royal Tikara Pal ROMXP
CH. Daijobu's Vampirella O'BJ ROM
Subo's Hoshii Ni Iki-Nokoru CH O'BJ High N Mighty No Goshen
Goshen Kola Pearl O'Subo CD
CH. Hoka-Hey's Siren At Crown Royal CH Brook Staten Koshare Hoka Hey GrRiver's Marcopolo Brstaten
Brook-Staten Misha
CH Hoka-Hey's Eagle When She Flies CH Bighorns Last Raygin Bull
CH O'BJ GR River Match-Maker

6-Months IMG_0066.jpg (19597 bytes) Chief_image4.jpg (46420 bytes) Chief pictured at his first AKC show @ 6-months Chief_image2.jpg (41275 bytes)
3-Months Chief_9.jpg (31823 bytes) Chief_8.jpg (46682 bytes) Chief_3.jpg (42742 bytes) Chief_6.jpg (32513 bytes)

7.5 Weeks Boy2_side0.jpg (34385 bytes) Boy2_front.jpg (31483 bytes) Boy2_side1.jpg (35161 bytes) Boy2_rear.jpg (24146 bytes)

5 Weeks Boy2_image0.jpg (38013 bytes) Boy2_image1.jpg (41361 bytes) Boy2_image3.jpg (24377 bytes) Boy2_image5.jpg (27428 bytes)

4 Weeks TJ4wks_image0.jpg (17310 bytes) TJ4wks_image1.jpg (18412 bytes) TJ4wks_image2.jpg (7999 bytes) TJ4wks_image3.jpg (27230 bytes)

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