CH. MaJer's Pick Me Up

Tiny is our First Home-bred American Champion!  He was expertly and exclusively handled to his championship by Diana Wilson, thank you Diana!
He finished his AKC championship by the age of a year and half with pure ease.

He is owned and loved by the Sunada family, he now will be at home with his girls maturing into a nice young boy.  He is pictured left at 2 years of age, check back often for updated photos. 


Owner: Clay and Cathy Sunada ~ Colorado Springs, CO.
Co-Owner: Madelyn Goss
Breeder: Madelyn Goss and Ingrid Linerud
DOB: Dec. 13, 2001
OFA: Excellent - AK-12082E27M-PI
Handled by: Diana Wilson

This 5-Generation Pedigree has been provided for your convenience.
If you would like more information regarding this pedigree please Email me.





Am/Can. CH Koyabara's Yamato Damashii

Koyabara's Genji Monogatari
*Only needs a major to finish*
CH CrownRoyals GetOff My Cloud CH Crown Royal's Count Basie
CH Noji's Ivy Of Crown Royal
Chiheisen's Kokorono Koyabara CH North Star's Mad Maxx
Hikari's Kin Hozeki of Jazi
CH Koyabara's Yamato Nadeshiko CH Chiheisen's Kemutai Koyabara CH Chiheisen's J D The Hit Man
Chiheisen's Fusen-Gamu
Chiheisen's Kokorono Koyabara CH North Star's Mad Maxx
Hikari's Kin Hozeki of Jazi

Crown Royal's Follow Me

CH Samkita's The One That Counts CH Noji's The Count CrownRoyal CH Mike Truax's Royal Tikara Pal
CH Daijobu's Vampirella O'BJ
Subo's Hoshii Ni Iki-Nokoru CH O'BJ High N Mighty No Goshen
Goshen Kola Perl O'Subo CD
CH Hoka-Hey's Siren At Crown Royal CH Brook Staten Koshare Hoka Hey GrRiver's Marcopolo Brstaten
Brook-Staten Misha
CH Hoka-Hey's Eagle When She Flies CH Bighorns Last Raygin Bull
CH O'BJ GR River Match-Maker


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Tiny.12mo.pix1.jpg (25620 bytes) Ohio.03.web.jpg (51265 bytes) Tiny.12mo.pix2.jpg (23600 bytes)
12 months 12 months

stackpix1.jpg (36361 bytes) stackpix3.jpg (35957 bytes) tiny.layingdown.jpg (41842 bytes)
6.5 months 6.5 months 6.5 months

Photos taken on June 8, 2002

Tinypix1.6.8.02.jpg (51144 bytes) Tinypix2.6.8.02.jpg (36491 bytes) Tiny.5mo.pix3.jpg (79100 bytes)
5.5 months 5.5 months 5 months

Photos taken on April-March 2002 - Just a few days shy of 4 months

Tiny.pix14mo..jpg (18291 bytes) Tiny.pix44mo..jpg (20156 bytes) Tiny.pix34mo..jpg (18413 bytes) Tiny4mo.pix4.jpg (14479 bytes)
4 months 4 months 4 months Tiny and his Girl
Tiny4mo.pix1.jpg (21572 bytes) Tiny4mo.pix2.jpg (17422 bytes) Tiny4mo.pix3.jpg (17244 bytes)
Tiny @ 4months Tiny @ 4months Tiny @ 4months

Photos taken on February 3rd, 2002 @ 7 1/2 weeks.

Pix1.jpg (40667 bytes) Pix7.jpg (36254 bytes) Pix6.jpg (45459 bytes)
Non-Show Side Rear Show Side
pix6.jpg (45811 bytes) Pix3.jpg (27787 bytes) pix5.jpg (44974 bytes)
Show Side Front  Show Side

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