Am/Can. CH. MaJer's Scouts Honor AOM

Owners: Tiffany Doty & Madelyn Goss
Breeders: Madelyn Goss ~ MaJer Akitas
Ingrid Linerud ~ Crown Royal Akitas
DOB: June 29th, 2002
Cerf: Clear - Current
OFA: Good
Elbows: Normal

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Cadet14mo.pix1.jpg (60686 bytes) Cadet14mo.pix2.jpg (41163 bytes) Cadet14mo.pix7.jpg (41835 bytes)
14-months 14-months 14-months
Cadet14mo.pix4.jpg (39207 bytes) Cadet14mo.pix9.jpg (29525 bytes) Cadet14mo.pix8.jpg (63880 bytes)
14-months 14-months 14-months

PSAC.Best.InSweeps.jpg (41464 bytes)

RWBenumclaw03.jpg (31541 bytes)

- Best In Sweepstakes
- Best Jr. In Sweeps
Judge: Mrs. Marianne Ross
Pictured @ 13-months

Reserve Winner's Bitch -Enumclaw, WA.
Mrs. Linda M. Riedel
Pictured @ 13-months

Cadet.PuppyWrkngGrp2.21.03.jpg (50645 bytes)

Cadet.BPISS.jpg (39958 bytes)

Cadet.BISweeps.jpg (48940 bytes)

Best Puppy Working Group under
Mrs. Maxine Beam

Best Puppy In Show Specialty -Las Vegas
Miss. Kimberly Anne Meredith

Best In Sweeps / Best Jr. In Sweeps
Las Vegas, 2003
Mr. William Burland


Cadet9cloverdale2.23.03.jpg (22400 bytes) CadetFeb8.jpg (61648 bytes) CadetDownB1.jpg (22149 bytes)
2-23-03 -- 7.5 months
At the Cloverdale Shows in B.C.
2-1-03 -- 7 months 2-1-03 -- Going Away
CadetFeb31.jpg (36834 bytes) CadetFeb41.jpg (54188 bytes) CadetFeb61.jpg (56991 bytes)
2-1-03 -- 7 months 2-1-03 -- 7 months 2-1-03 -- 7 months
CadetSeattle4.jpg (25134 bytes) CadetSeattle22.jpg (31600 bytes) 1CadetSeattle5.jpg (15896 bytes)
2-1-03 -- 7 months *Going Around* 2-1-03 -- 7 months *Free Stack* 2-1-03 *Down & Back*
Cadet.Dec02.pix1.jpg (24087 bytes) Cadet.Dec02.pix2.jpg (29875 bytes) Cadet.Dec02.pix3.jpg (26659 bytes)
5.5 months 5.5 months 5.5 months


Cadet photo here at 3-months

Cadet.deck3mo.jpg (21482 bytes) Cadet.Deck3mo..jpg (39492 bytes) Cadet.Foodbowl3mo..jpg (28929 bytes)
3 months 3 months 3 months

Cadet.pix1.7wk.jpg (28762 bytes)

7.5 week olds

Cadet photo here at 5-weeks

Cadet.pix4.jpg (49711 bytes) Cadet.pix5.jpg (64443 bytes) Cadetprofile.jpg (35243 bytes)
5 weeks 5 weeks 5 weeks
Cadet.pix6.jpg (64963 bytes) Cadetfront.jpg (38905 bytes) Cadet.pix7.jpg (49077 bytes)
5 weeks 5 weeks 5 weeks

**Cadet's Recent Show Win's**

*2004 Las Vegas Regional Specialty*
Cadet first time out as a Special, receives Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed under Ms. Danny Canino
and an Award of Merit under Mrs. Joan Frailey!!!

*September 2003 - American Championship*
Cadet finishes her American Championship by taking 3 BACK-to-BACK-to-BACK 4-point Majors 
at the age of 14 months!

*2003 August - Akita Club of Puget Sound 11th Annual Regional Specialty*
Cadet was awarded with Best Sr. In Sweepstakes, and receiving another BEST IN SWEEPSTAKES award! This making her a Multi. BISweeps winner!  Cadet also went Reserve Winner's Bitch to a 5-point major, opposite to her older litter-sister "MaJer's Defiant Dame" Sonoma.

*2003 May - Memorial Weekend*
Cadet takes the weekend by taking a Reserve Winner's Bitch to a Major and picks up 2-points by going Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex over Bitch Specials!

*2003 April - Back To Canada*
*Canada-Akita Action Akita Specialty:
Cadet finishes her Canadian Championship by going Winner's Bitch!

*2003 Las Vegas Back to Back Specialty - March 15th and 16th*

*Saturday 3/15/03: Cadet win's her class to go onto win Best Junior In Sweeps and Best Opp. in Sweeps to her
brother Riggs!
*Sunday 3/16/03: Cadet win's her class again to win Best Junior in Sweeps and BEST IN SWEEPS!  Then onto the regular judging wins her class again and win's the prestigious Best Puppy In Show Specialty Award under Kim Meredith!

Cadet goes to Canada and wins BIG all at the young age of 7 months old!!!
* Friday 2/21/03 : Winners Bitch / Best Opp. (to her daddy Zeus) and Best of Breed Puppy 2-points
Wins the Puppy Working Group over 17 puppies and takes
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW -All judged by Maxine Beam!!!

*Saturday 2/22/03 : Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite again to her daddy Zeus for another 2-points under Mr. Landarte

*Sunday 2/23/03 : Winners Bitch/Best Of Winners/Best of Breed Puppy and BEST OF BREED for 3-points! Moving onto the
regular Adult Working Group she takes a GROUP 4 in tough competition!!! Then goes right back in for Puppy Group to win the Puppy Working Group again - All under esteemed judge Mrs. Betty Leininger!!!

Needless to say we are VERY EXCITED about Cadet's future in the ring!

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