Throughout the years in the Akita breed we have come across the following information that has been both Helpful and Educational to us here at MaJer Akitas.  We will continue to update and share any and all information we feel that can help others... Education is the key to knowledge.

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Below are links that are specific to the Akita Breed AND to Canine Health overall
The Akita Network :: A wonderful site that has a wealth of Breed Specific information.
The Akita Club of America :: The National Breed Club, provides you with a wealth of information on the breed.
American Kennel Club :: AKC Akita Breed Standard, Responsible ownership, and the American Kennel Club
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals :: The OFA is a non-profit foundation with the world's largest database of health screening results to assist breeders in ethical breeding practices.
Canine Eye Registration Foundation :: Dedicated to the elimination of heritable eye disease in dogs through registration and research.
Canine Health Information Center :: Also known as CHIC, is a centralized canine health database jointly sponsored by the AKC/Canine Health Foundation (AKC/CHF) and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).
Akita - Treasure of Japan :: This is the ONLY AWARD WINNING BOOK ON AKITAS!. With an additional 300 pages (to 500 pages), with 17 Chapters, 8 appendices, 130 color images, 50 black & white photos, 30 illustrations, and anatomical illustrations. (You will also see a few of our very own Akitas featured in this book)
Akita World :: Akita World is the #1 independent Akita publication in the world, with a readership in excess of 3,000. The magazine contains in-depth breeder interviews, columns by people who know and love Akitas, special features, specialty results, a breeders' directory. (MaJer Akitas Interview & Features in Fall 2010 / Winter 2010-11)
Akita Headquarters :: Akita Pedigree research
International Canine Semen Bank (Main Office) :: Under Professor Platz's direction, this research continues and provides the dog breeder with the most successful program available using fresh, fresh chilled and frozen canine semen and artificial insemination using non-surgical and surgical procedures.

Below are links that are specific to the Akita Rescues around the World, Akita Clubs and Groups -GET INVOLVED

Akita Rescue Groups(USA) :: Link to Rescue Groups Nation wide (USA) - Please consider adoption or a small donation
WAG :: Washington Akita Rescue Group
ARWNY, Inc. :: Akita Rescue Western New York - A wonderful Rescue Group that is widely known for their efforts
Akita Club of Canada :: The official website for the Akita Club of Canada
InfoDog :: Comprehensive and reliable web resource available for information on AKC Dog Show statistics and schedules, and quality dog products and services.
Onofrio Dog Shows :: AKC Licensed Superintendent (premium list / judging programs / results etc.)

Below are links to our fellow Breeder-Friends website's)

Mojo Akitas :: Paul & Stacey Borrmann located in Gilroy, Ca.
Liberty Akitas :: Mike & Donna Bennett located in Tulsa, Ok.
Ali'i Ak Inu Akitas :: Victoria McConnell located in Wasilla, AK.
Dos Ancestros :: Manel & Susan Sanmartin Enriquez located in Valdovino, Spain


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